Bringing Simplicity
and Easy-access to
the Structured Note Market

Grow your business by bringing new opportunities to your clients.

Easy Access to Structured Notes while Securing the Most Competitive Pricing

  • Secure the optimal pricing by making banks compete for your business
  • Access to ten of the world's largest banks
  • Select from our list of curated notes or build your own to meet specific client goals

Making Structured Notes Easy to Buy and Manange with Powerful New Tools

  • Built specifically for the Structured Notes market - Stop Managing by Hand!
  • Identify new trade opportunities from our list of 6,000 unique products/payoffs
  • Optimize your Structured Note strategy with automated position monitoring and portfolio alerts

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Adjust Portfolio



A Leading Platform for Managing Every Part of Structured Notes

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Analyze and Finding the Right Notes

  1. Create Plan - Educational resources to help choose the optimal notes to meet your client objectives
  2. Choose or Build Note - Leverage the Halo Analysis Tools to select
  3. Make the Trade - Execute trades with unparalleled speed

Manage Your Structured Note Portfolio

  1. Monitor - Keep all your notes organized (bought on Halo or traded before)
  2. Trade Performance and Trends - Analysis how your Structured Notes are performing with alerts
  3. Sell - Execute the notes when they mature

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Administrative Overstate

Compliance Support Education Resources Client Permission Control Funds Securely Held

Simple Transparent Halo Fee